Korean restaurant

I went to Korean restaurant with friends yesterday.
I love spicy food,I loved that.

It’s kind of grilled poke meat.eat with kimuchi wrapped in lettuce.

potatoes,chinese chives,mushroom in it.
This soup isn’t spicy than it looks.tasty.

There are so many Korean artist(?) poster on the wall.

I’d like to go to another country’s restaurant.
Not only food but also waiter,atmosphere.

I want to go to Germany restaurant next time♡


Favorite YouTube Channel

Hi,it’s Miki.
I always had enjoy and funny days.
But I so boring nowadays.
I really wanna go out with my friends but i can’t. I saving a money now.
I need to go to school a few days
because I’m upperclassman of school,I have units required for graduation much.
I go to school just three days a week.
The other day I go to gym or hospital where my grandpa is there or play the piano.
Just that’s all…….
Really boring;(
Watching YouTube is my favorite.
I’ll tell you about my favorite YouTube channel!

Charlie Mcdonnell


He isn’t famous in Japan. I never seen people who know him before.
But maybe he is famous in YouTube too much,isn’t he?
I love his smile like a little boy and interesting and funny post.
And,I also love the wall in his room.

cute and stylish.I wanna do my wall like this!

His recent post↓

I have favorite Youtube channel which I want to introduce more.
However I finish today.sleepy
I’ll introduce more someday!

Thank you for reading my blog!bye