My grandma’s birthday

It’s my grandma’s birthday!
Happy 74th birthday!!
I bought cakes to grandma (and me).

From top to button
Green tea cake,Chestnut cake
Apple tart,chocolate cake
strawberry short cake

I already ate strawberry one.
It was yum♩

By the way,I went to the gym in this afternoon.
I was training the muscles and walking for an hour and 30 minutes.
feel good.

I’ll go to the part time job from now.


Visit my grandpa in hospital

Hi.How are you?
I’m good!


I visited my grandpa in hospital with my grandma.
He was in the hospital for rehabilitation.
He has a broken leg to fall out of bed,at that time.
After that, he moved to this hospital.
His condition is getting better.good.

After the hospital, I practiced the piano.
I have been practicing “Auf Flügeln des Gesanges” by Mendelssohn.
I had been learn the piano for 10 years,and I quit the piano for the high school enter exam.
So,I didn’t play the piano after quit.About 6 years.
Nowadays,I practice the piano again because I have a free time enough.
keep doing,never give up!

I’m going to go to the part time job after an hour.
See you~

Introduce Myself

Hello! Nice to meet you.
I started my blog from today.

My first article is introduction!

My name is Miki.I was born on February 22,1992.I’m 20 years old.
I’m a university student.My major is Economics.
I love music,piano,English,photography,animals,youtube,shopping……..
I have many love one!

That’s all for today. I know,It’s kind of short article….

Thank you for reading my blog with bad English!
I’m waiting for your comments!Bye.