Introduce Myself

Hello! Nice to meet you.
I started my blog from today.

My first article is introduction!

My name is Miki.I was born on February 22,1992.I’m 20 years old.
I’m a university student.My major is Economics.
I love music,piano,English,photography,animals,youtube,shopping……..
I have many love one!

That’s all for today. I know,It’s kind of short article….

Thank you for reading my blog with bad English!
I’m waiting for your comments!Bye.


5 thoughts on “Introduce Myself

  1. Hello Miki! How great that you decided to blog in English!
    Where in Japan are you living?

    • Thank you for comment 😀
      I need a long time to write English blog too.
      I checked your blog,I love your photo♡
      I’m living in Fukuoka.

      • はい、今東京に住んでいます〜 前東京の日本語学校で勉強していましたが、今年はノルウェーにある大学で日本語を勉強していて、来年の四月から留学生するつもりです。福岡は行ったことありませんが、行きたいなぁ〜

      • そうなんですね。

      • I think one of the most important things would be to actually study, and eventually find someone to talk to who knows the language so you can practice. You can learn a lot without going abroad as well, I think?

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