with my cousin:)


Visit my grandpa in hospital

Hi.How are you?
I’m good!


I visited my grandpa in hospital with my grandma.
He was in the hospital for rehabilitation.
He has a broken leg to fall out of bed,at that time.
After that, he moved to this hospital.
His condition is getting better.good.

After the hospital, I practiced the piano.
I have been practicing “Auf Flügeln des Gesanges” by Mendelssohn.
I had been learn the piano for 10 years,and I quit the piano for the high school enter exam.
So,I didn’t play the piano after quit.About 6 years.
Nowadays,I practice the piano again because I have a free time enough.
keep doing,never give up!

I’m going to go to the part time job after an hour.
See you~