Favorite YouTube Channel

Hi,it’s Miki.
I always had enjoy and funny days.
But I so boring nowadays.
I really wanna go out with my friends but i can’t. I saving a money now.
I need to go to school a few days
because I’m upperclassman of school,I have units required for graduation much.
I go to school just three days a week.
The other day I go to gym or hospital where my grandpa is there or play the piano.
Just that’s all…….
Really boring;(
Watching YouTube is my favorite.
I’ll tell you about my favorite YouTube channel!

Charlie Mcdonnell


He isn’t famous in Japan. I never seen people who know him before.
But maybe he is famous in YouTube too much,isn’t he?
I love his smile like a little boy and interesting and funny post.
And,I also love the wall in his room.

cute and stylish.I wanna do my wall like this!

His recent post↓

I have favorite Youtube channel which I want to introduce more.
However I finish today.sleepy
I’ll introduce more someday!

Thank you for reading my blog!bye